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LHI is majority owned and controlled by its president George Lacerte, an elder of the Nadleh Whut’en. LHI is an incorporated company designed to pursue opportunities specifically with utility and gas clients. Originally George Lacerte partnered with Stephen Bros. Contracting Ltd. (Stephen Bros.) to form LHI TUTL’IT Logging Ltd. This partnership proved very successful and built the foundation of an expanded services offering. TDB Consultants Inc. (TDB) has long been a diverse company with expertise in many fields including engineering, vegetation management and multiphase forestry projects.
About us

Value of LHI Tutl’it Services

LHI brings together a team of staff that has both technical and professional expertise and experience. The LHI team delivers to the high safety and quality standards of the industry. Employees with years of training and field experience, work with younger employees to share knowledge and expertise and ensure high quality performance. The LHI team has employees with the following training, certification and designations:
  • Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) including also Registered Forest Technologists (RFT), Forestry Pupils (FP), Forester in Training (FIT), and Trainee Forest Technologist (TFT)
  • Accredited Timber Evaluator (ATE)
  • Professional Engineer (P.Eng) including also Engineer in Training (EIT)
  • Equipment Operators and Mechanics
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Management Accountant Pupil (CMA)
  • Certified Geomatics Specialist (CGS)

Services Offered by LHI

LHI specializes in five stages of resource management: Assessment and Analysis, Planning and Design, Implementation and Supervision, Management and Maintenance. Some of our services include the following:
  • Preliminary road design, grade analysis, deflection analysis from high accuracy digital terrain models
  • Hazard tree identification
  • Engineering related to Bridge, Culvert and Road Designs
  • Steel, Concrete and Timber Design
  • Right of Way Layout and Timber Cruising
  • Photogrammetric Site Designs
  • Fire Fuel Reduction Project Management
  • Forest Health Management - Project Management
  • Bridge and Crossing Inspections
  • Bridge Re‐decking


LHI has successfully completed both large scale and small scale projects for natural resource clients. LHI has professional experience, efficiently manages contracts ensuring that timelines and quality are met. LHI also has a strong safety record that stems from a policy that makes safety a standard practice. Some of our past projects include: LNG Development Support Services, Debris Management for BC Hydro and Vegetation Management for British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC).

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