LNG Development Support Services

LHI has provided supporting services to a geotechnical project for a pipeline right-of-way. Our experienced staff is completing the clearing of drill pad areas in both remote and active transportation/utility corridors. Services include danger tree assessing, falling, clearing, earth moving mechanical, medical services, wildlife monitors. With complete site preparation and site rehabilitation services our crews work independently along with helicopter support to complete the tasks at hand.

Debris Management for BC Hydro

LHI completed an extensive debris management project for BC Hydro in the summer of 2013. We dismantled and dispersed debris piles over 150-kms of the Northeast Transmission Line. Using large scale mulchers, chippers and a Rolly Whole Tree Chipping attachment, we were able to grind whole trees and disperse it throughout the right of way.

Vegetation Management for British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC)

LHI hired a First Nation work force from the Skeena/Terrace region to complete this multiyear project for the BCTC. We completed all the permitting requirements, conducted the site assessments, both mechanical and hand falling were done to clear the right of way. Certified hand fallers were utilized to monitor, assess and fall danger tress. Certified Utility Arborists operated specialized equipment to fall close to the power lines and dispose of the debris.